I'm sorry, the documentation is currently being written and won't be online for quite some time.
However, it's very easy to use TheFreeIMDB.

//Remember to add the library (.dll) to your project References!
using FreeIMDB; 

public class Test
   public static void Main(params string[] args)
    //Create a repository object to enable you to search for movies.
    MovieRepository repository = new MovieRepository();

    //Create a Movie object to catch the returned Movie object.
    Movie movieObj = new Movie();

    //Find a movie by giving its name.
    movieObj = repository.FindMovieByTitle("A Scanner Darkly");
    //Now you can access all sorts of nifty information.
    Console.WriteLine(movieObj.Title); //Outputs "A Scanner Darkly".
    Console.WriteLine(movieObj.Director); //Outputs the director name.
    Console.WriteLine(movieObj.Plot); //Outputs a basic plot summary.


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